New Day in the Peace Ministries in Fort St. John serves women and their families with addictive and otherwise broken lifestyles as they are willing to seek freedom and healing and want to lead a life of purpose. 

We offer them a relationship with God and with others in community, and the opportunity to change from the inside out.

New Day in the Peace

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Fort St. John, BC
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When a person is interested in checking out the program they are welcome to come out, ask questions and observe for a few days. If they decide to stay, the Orientation program would vary depending on an individual's needs.

Anyone who has struggled with addictions – or any other life-crippling problems – knows that 30 days is not enough to make lasting, permanent changes. That is why we encourage residents to commit to 12 months of training and living within the safety and accountability of the discipleship environment.

The core program is a curriculum of excellent bible-based teachings, along with a variety of christian recovery material designed to bring healing to broken hearts. This happens while establishing a healthy relationship with God and others. We have the resources of counsellors with their masters degrees, prayer ministers, and experienced mental health workers on our team. Residents learn the importance of abiding in the love and grace of God – balanced with their responsibility to live in obedience to the direction of God in their life through His Word and delegated authorities. This is where the real transformation takes place.

The committed person will not find this program easy, but they will find within it the answers they have been searching for.

If a woman has children we encourage frequent visitations with her children at the New Day house. It is our long term vision to reunite and strengthen families.

Servant leadership and workplace integration

When a resident has completed the curriculum of the core program, we encourage that they give back to the ministry and others. The bible says in Matthew 10:8, "Freely you have received, now freely give."
This will allow the women a chance to take on responsibilities within the ministry. They become active participants in the daily running of different areas of the ministry. This can be a great way to deepen what they have learned and develop leadership skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

We also offer a workplace integration program through local offices and in cooperation with local businesses. Support like through the transition allows residents to begin the process of getting back into the routine of earning a pay check and handling money appropriately. This happens within the safety and accountability of the New Day in the Peace community.

There are also opportunities to train for new employable skills and build a resume for the future while being supported by New Day.

Check us out by taking part

We encourage potential residents to come out and participate for a few days. This gives them and us an opportunity to get to know one another. We are a fairly structured program and realize we may not be for everyone.

If you are serious about changes and are willing to do whatever it takes, give us a call and arrange to come and check us out!

What we offer

  • Permanent life change through residential Christian discipleship
  • Establishment within the local Christian church
  • A safe place to grow
  • Healthy diet and exercise, country living, horses

Resources that include:

  • Experience in addictions
  • Professional training
  • Wisdom, knowledge and spiritual gifts
  • Counselling
  • Prayer ministry