New Day in the Peace Ministries in Fort St. John serves women and their families with addictive and otherwise broken lifestyles as they are willing to seek freedom and healing and want to lead a life of purpose. 

We offer them a relationship with God and with others in community, and the opportunity to change from the inside out.

New Day in the Peace

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Fort St. John, BC
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I cannot believe that a whole year had passed by since our last newsletter. The days are so full of action, healing and breakthroughs. We have much to be thankful for, faithful volunteers on all fronts, a balanced budget, a full and over-flowing house filled with special women that are serious about growing in the Lord and with each other. I cannot think of a place I would be rather be on any given day.

Some days there was not enough of me to go around, and with that fact I am thankful that God has seen fit to call Anita McKnight on staff. She has only been with us since the second week of October and complements the gift of others in the house so well. Anita grew up with her parents Martin and Mabel Weideman at Wagner Hills Farm and has great wisdom fused into her DNA.

Anita Kennedy served us well for two years and has now returned back to Owen Sound just a day before snowfall! We are thankful for her safe travels with her faithful loaded vehicle. Sharon Bernet has committed to one year as a volunteer to New Day. Yeah! What a blessing she has been with her nursing experience and now her night shift that she faithfully does while we wait to see who God is calling to live at New Day as Anita Kennedy did. If you know of a single, committed Christian lady, who would like to live on site while continuing with an offsite job please send her our way for more information. The benefits are out of this world!

Kathy Walker (Peace Country Renewal Ministries) continues to bless us with a Thursday afternoon (Forming) course with atached prayer ministry as requested. Pastor Kebede Dibaba also gives us quality time every Tuesday aftrnoon. These are important supports for the growth of all the ladies. We have new material called “Freedom Sessions” by Ken Dyck. We look forward to great growth as we begin. With Anita McKnight on board I am looking forward to spending more time in praying the new building forward. Last Christmas I was asking God what we should be doing as I had to turn many ladies away for lack of room. That day I was reading somewhere in the old testament and halfway down the page it said “build the building and spare no expense”, I quickly closed that Bible and said surely God that is not what you are saying! We only have $50,000 in the building fund. I continued looking for oilfild camps, but they seemed too confined to be a healing environment. So I asked my son Steven if we were to build a building with a commercial kitchen how big would you suggest we go? He said “a building 40 feet by 60 feet on a full basement would work well. So I kept on looking for a used modular, fearing the cost of anything more. Then my son Mike was working around the new Best Western Hotel in Fort St. John and he called one day saying, “the hotel received trusses one foot too short and they want me to haul them away, do you want them?” I asked how big of a building are they for? Mike said, “40ft by 72ft!” I said bring them to the New Day site, I guess we are meant to build a building! Since then Canfor has donated $10,000 worth of lumber and Haab Homes said they would donate the labor to build the basement and work at cost as needed for the rest of the building. Building plans are in process, grant applicatins are being made by Andy Ackermann. Helmut Boehm from Wagner Hills Farm dropped by New Day on a road trip just the other day. After catching up on all things new, Helmut said “So when are you going to break ground?” I said, “We thought we would start when we had $100,000 in the building fund. Helmut said, “Oh my! We never had that much in an account when we started a building, just set a date, put a shovel in the ground and I’ll come and show you how. So, let’s make it May 13, 2017!”

~ Esther Haab, Executive Director


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